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Main reasons for refusal of UK Spouse Visa

A Spouse Visa is required when a married couple or Civil Partners desire to both settle in the UK.

The process of application for a UK Spouse Visa is not a simple one. Recently we have received a number of calls from individuals with a declined Spouse Visa application. In order to avoid the distress caused by a request refusal, the applicants must fully comprehend the conditions for obtaining a UK Spouse Visa.

Here are some of the main reasons for the refusal of a Spouse Visa:

Financial requirements

In order to be eligible for a UK Spouse Visa, the sponsor of the applicant has to meet the financial requirements in order to prove that they can easily support their partners.

A frequent mistake in the Spouse Visa application is the not providing enough evidence or what the sponsor earns, this can include P60, Self-Assessment Tax Return, Dividends and more. If an error is made or there is simply not enough information proving that the sponsor earns the required amount – the applicant might receive a rejection.

Evidence of relationship

Providing the consular with a marriage certificate to prove your relationship isn’t enough. Extensive evidence is required to demonstrate that the relationship two people share is genuine. You might ask yourself, what would count as enough evidence? Usually this includes phone logs, correspondence, receipts of gifts exchanged, bookings, contracts and pictures. If the couple fails to demonstrate that their relationship is genuine The Home Office will simply refuse the Visa. Contradicting information will also lead to a refusal.

English proficiency

The English language condition must be satisfied by the applicant rather than the sponsor. In order to prove sufficient command of English the applicant must provide relevant documentation. The applicant has to fulfill the Home Office with supplementary details as stated by the department. Quite often, Spouse Visas are rejected because of this fairly plain step.

How can we help?

We can help our prospective applicants to submit a sound application. Master Legal Services LTD have extensive experience in dealing with Spouse Visa applications. We help our applicants to effectively convey and organize the evidence supporting their application.

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