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I have received my Permanent Residence card, what’s next?

Have you recently received your UK Permanent Residence card?

Once you have been granted permanent residence, there are no longer any immigration related limitations on the work or the business you may do in the UK. There are also no time restrictions regarding your stay in the UK.

Can I lose my status of a permanent resident in the UK?

Once you become a lawful Permanent Resident you maintain your permanent status and you are unlikely to lose it, unless:

-You stay out of the UK for two years or more in a row.

-You have committed a serious crime.

-You put national security at risk.

Temporary absences that won’t affect your permanent residence status include:

-Compulsory military service

-Being absent for less than six months in a year

-One absence up to twelve months for important reasons such as illness, pregnancy, study, training or overseas employment.

When can I apply for British citizenship/naturalisation?

After you have lived in the UK for a total of six years you are eligible to apply for British citizenship.

You can apply immediately for British citizenship if:

-You have already lived in the UK for six years by the time you receive your Permanent Residence Card.

-Your wife, husband or civil partner is a British citizen.

How can we help?

Given the intricacies in the British citizenship application forms and the broad range of questions, it is easy to make an error.

Master Legal Services Ltd have extensive experience in directing you towards the correct type of application based on your distinctive case. We will proof read your documents and make sure all the information is accurate. Our team of professionals will supervise you in this process until you obtain your passport.

Contact us for more information:

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