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UK Permanent Residence Card

After the Brexit vote last year, many EEA citizens have contacted us asking whether applying for a UK Permanent Residency card was necessary. Given that the legal status of EU citizens living in the UK is currently uncertain, some people have chosen to postpone their UK permanent residence application.

So what are the 5 top benefits of having a UK Permanent Residence Card?

1.You will be eligible to apply for British Citizenship after just one year of residence in the UK. You cannot apply for British Citizenship without having been granted a UK Permanent Residence Card first.

2.You will confirm your right to remain in the UK indefinitely. Even though the changes of immigration legislation and policy are still unknown, you will not need to evidence your right to permanent residence status after the UK exits the EU.

3.Your family can join or remain with you in the UK even if you aren’t a qualified person at that point.  A qualified person is an EEA national living in the UK as a job-seeker, worker, self-employed person, self-sufficient person or student. After you have received your UK Permanent Residence Card your family can join you even if you don’t satisfy the criteria of a ‘qualified person’.

4.You can enjoy social security benefits.

5.Your child can become a British citizen. Your permanent residence status will benefit your child’s British citizenship application.

How can we help?

At Master Legal Services we have extensive experience in dealing with UK Permanent Residence applications. We will organise, consult and proof read your application to ensure maximum chances of obtaining your Permanent Residence Card.

Contact us for more information:

T: 020 8935 5205

E: a.s@master-legal-services.com



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