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British Citizenship for EU Citizens Child

How to Get British Citizenship for EU Citizens Child

After Brexit was announced, many European Union Nationals have been worried about both their future status in the United Kingdom as well as that of their children. With the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, things are currently up in the air right now. Understandably many people are confused about what would happen next,

As any reasonable person should be, but the good news is that all the answers you need will be right here. If you need some assistance with your application for settled and pre-settled status, the professionals here at Master Legal Services can help. We are one the best immigration lawyers in London that provide comprehensive immigration services to businesses as well as to individuals, based inside and outside the UK.

For further information, feel free to contact our office to speak to an expert on 020 8935 5205 or via Whatsapp on 07710987064. In the meantime, continue reading to learn all there is to know about British Citizenship for European Nationals.

Is a child automatically a British citizen at birth?

This is always the key question in everybody’s mind. The answer to this question is first to establish if the child is British. The fact of the matter is that children who are born in the United Kingdom will automatically acquire British citizenship if one of the parents held an indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom or held permanent residence at the time when the child was born. However different rules and regulations will normally apply depending on when the child was born. These rules apply in relation to how the HM Passport office sees the permanent residence nature of the parent.

Children born in the UK before 30 April 2006.

For the children born in the United Kingdom between the 2nd of October 2000 and 28th April 2006, they can only get a British passport if they can prove and provide evidence that is documentary in nature showing that one of the parents held with them a permanent residence. They can also prove that one of their parents held an indefinite leave to stay or enter the United Kingdom. This evidence must be in letter form from the department immigration or UK visas. The other form of evidence can be a passport with an endorsed Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE), No Time Limit (NTL) or an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The last evidence can be a Permanent Residence Card which is a document that certifies permanent residence.

As a result of majority of the nationals if EU never bothering to apply for these documentations, many children born during this period whose parents are EU national will not be able to be given British passports as their parents will not be able to give the documentations necessary. The parents would hence be required to make an application their children’s behalf in order to register them as British nationals. Further information on this has been provided below.

Children born in the UK, on or after 30 April 2006.

For the children who were born on or after 30 April 2006, they can get a British passport if they can give evidence that their parent has been staying in the United Kingdom and was exercising the Treaty Rights which means that they were either self-employed in the United Kingdom, working as a social worker or in some instances held a private medical insurance for a duration of five years at minimum before their birth.

The status of the parent would usually determine the evidence that will be needed. For instance, if the parent was a worker in the United Kingdom then what is needed is a letter from the employer and any relevant documentation to show that the parent was employed in the United Kingdom during the relevant duration. Such documentations may include pay slips or P60’s.

Children born to parents belonging to the A8 nations (Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Latvia) which joined the European Union in 2004, in addition to the above documentations, the children will be required by the state to give a Worker Registration Scheme Card and Certificate which will show that a given parent was registered on these scheme.

This requirement by the government had a lot of repercussions, which led to massive press attention as a result of  denial of a massive number of A8 children’s applications of passport renewal. For majority of the families , providing such documentation was close to impossible as many as some might have lost the documentation while some may not be registered.

EU children born in the United Kingdom who automatically are not born British.

For the children of EU whose parents have not finished five years residence in the United Kingdom on a continuous basis under the terms stipulated in the EU law before birth will not get British citizenship at birth. However, this group of children will be entitled to register as British nationals that is in accordance with the section 1(3) of the British nationality Act 1981. For instance, one of their parents will acquire permanent

EU children born outside the UK 30 April 2006.

Many times we come across cases of families from the United Kingdom where the eldest among the children were not born in the United Kingdom while the younger kids of the family were born in United Kingdom. For the younger children, they may acquire British citizenship at birth or the rough registration by automatic entitlement. For most of the parents, bringing the status of their eldest children to be in line with that of their younger brothers and sisters has always been a bother to them.

In this kind of a scenario which is very common, the children are normally registered discretely by the National Team caseworker who normally acts in the place of the Home Secretary. This power is normally exercised in accordance with section 3(1) of the British Nationality Act 1981. In exercising this power, the caseworker must always put into consideration the guidance entitled, “Registration as British citizen: children.”

Children Born to Irish nationals

For the children who have been born to Irish nationals who currently are residents in the United Kingdom, those kids will at birth automatically be British nationals.

Reasons for A Person to get A British passport or apply for registration

There are many reasons and factors that can make one obtain a British passport. This world is filled with many uncertainties and having a British citizenship will more than often come in hand. One benefit of a British Citizenship is that one can be able to come back to the United Kingdom to stay permanently, study or pursue any career of your choice any time one wishes to in the future.

Another benefit of British passport is that to parents it will come as a relief a students will be able to access higher education funding on the same way as the British students would. For the time being, the EU children can access the funding. However it is uncertain what the future holds for the funding and having a British citizenship is a safeguard against such uncertainties

EU Immigration Lawyers London – How We Can Help

If you feel that you can’t do it on your own and will need help with the forms, requirements and exams, you’d be delighted to know that there are agencies all over the United Kingdom to help you with this… for a fee, of course.

Many consider using agencies as a sure bet, although nothing is entirely guaranteed. There is still a sense of security in your application being heralded by people who have successfully done this time and time again.

What these agencies promise is the advice on the type of application suitable to your individual circumstance and the available means to simplify the application process. They also have available data to help avoid making the mistakes of those who didn’t get their citizenship made.

There is no doubt that working with these agencies might be a dent to your wallet, but you have decided if acquiring your British citizenship is worth the cost or if you’re confident in your abilities to go it on your own. If you feel confident in your abilities, then you should go ahead and do what feels right to you.

EU Citizens Rights In UK After Brexit – How Our UK Immigration Advice Service Works

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How can we help?

Migration can be quite a harrowing experience with the many laws surrounding many types of visa and specific circumstances. It need not be though with Master Legal Services helping you through the process. We will help you make sense of it all, providing the best advice and support for your particular circumstance.

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