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Benefits of Having a UK Business Visitor Visa UK

The UK is known as one of the leading destinations for entrepreneurs across the globe and due to the thriving business culture of Britain, the government recognizes the fact that individual entrepreneurs may have the need to come to the United Kingdom for a short visit and this has made the Business Visitor Visa for Britain quite popular. The reasons for these brief visits may arise from the need to conduct some market research, to negotiate the terms of contract with some other businesses in Britain or to participate in conferences or workshops. Individuals whose applications are for the purpose of participating in entertainment and sports also fall into this category.

According to the records, The United Kingdom occupies the position of the world’s fifth largest economy and recently, the capital of London was named the most attractive city worldwide for both businesses and employees. In addition to the country’s proximity to North America and Europe, the aforementioned factors make Britain a major hub for business people all over the world. Important to note that it is becoming increasingly difficult to be granted the UK Visitor Visa, not only for first-timers, even those who wish to embark on a repeat visit for the second and third time are often refused. So it is actually great news to be granted a UK visa.

Duration of leave for UK Business Visitor Visa

From what is obvious, standard visitor visa for the purpose of business is generally known as a business visa UK. Thus six months standard visitor visa for carrying out business activities is called a short term business visa, on the other hand, two, five and ten years visitor visa for frequent visits for business-related purposes are known as long term business visitor visa.

Many individuals who wish to visit the United Kingdom for business transactions are required to get a business visitor visa to gain entry into the country. People who fall into this category need to put in an application for UK Standard Visitor Visa prior to their time of departure. This type of visa which is now used in place of the former Business Visitor visa, which includes visas for doctors, academics and dentists, gives you the permission to carry out your business activities as well as represent a foreign business in Britain. Non-EEA business people have a lot to gain from the UK Standard Visitor Visa, read on to get the major benefits of having a UK Business Visitor Visa UK

Benefits of Having a UK Business Visitor Visa UK

You can be granted leave to stay in the United Kingdom for up to 6 months

Successful applicants for UK Standard Visitor Visa are allowed to visit the United Kingdom and carry out only permitted business activities for up to 6 months. For people representing non-EEA based organizations who wish to visit the United Kingdom for the purpose of conducting a site visit, carry out a feasibility study for UK expansion as well as to conduct negotiations for very big contracts, the 6 months leave is ample time to accomplish these activities.

Visa applicants who fall into the category of Tier 1 Investor Visa and Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa can take advantage of this period to study the UK market they plan to invest in or launch their startup. There is room for 30-days study for business people as long as it is not their major reason for coming into the United Kingdom.

You have the leave to conduct a good number of business activities which are permitted under this scheme.

Successful applicants of UK Standard Visa are allowed to do the following;

  • Participate in conferences, meetings, interviews as well as seminars
  • Give a short series of one-off speeches or talks as long as they are not organized in the form of commercial events and will not attract any form of profit for the people who organized the function.
  • Participate in trade fairs, but this should be only for promotional purposes, so longs as the visitor will not embark on direct sells.
  • Get briefs on the requirements of a customer who is based in the United Kingdom. So long as you do any work for the customer outside the shores of Britain
  • You can Install, repair, dismantle, service or give advice on equipment as well as computer hardware and software if your company has a service or supply contract with an organization based in the UK.
  • For scientists, they are permitted to garner information and facts for some specific projects relating to their work overseas. On their own part, entertainers and artist are permitted to perform, participate in promotional activities or appear in an interview show.

Room for extension of leave to stay

In a situation where a visitor visa is granted for a period below six months, the beneficiary has the right to put in another application for extension up to the max 6 months. However, an exception is included for Academic Visitors as they can be granted leave to stay for as much as 12 months. Conversely, continuing to stay in the UK after the expiration of your visa will make you be considered an “overstayer” as this will have adverse implication for future visits as well as settlement applications. Applicants who have the need to visit the United Kingdom regularly over a long period of time can take advantage of the long term visas offering two, five and ten years with the permission to stay up to six months per visit.

The benefit of going for the long-term visa is that you only get to apply once and provide your biometric data once for the entire duration that the visa will be granted. Successful applicants for the long term visitor visas are permitted to visit the United Kingdom for several times as long as the visa is still valid but you need to ensure that you exit from the country once your 180 days is up.

A visitor can maintain Contact with the overseas company

Business visitors to the UK are not restricted from maintaining contact with their home office, business or employers during their stay in the United Kingdom. There are activities that permit a visitor to undertake their oversea role from Britain, for instance, a driver on an international route can deliver passengers or goods to the UK.

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