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Brexit is approaching social and political life of everyone in the UK and in Europe. EEA citizens living in the UK will have to determine their official status and apply for settled or pre-settled status. Settled status will be granted to EU nationals who have completed 5 years continuous residence in the UK by the 31 December 2020. You can contact our experienced immigration specialists for advice and support regarding EEA Family Permits, EEA Permanent Residence Cards, EEA Registration Certificates.

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  • EEA Family Permit

This entry clearance visa if available to you if you are the family member or extended family member of an EEA national and that EEA national is in the UK exercising their ‘Treaty rights’ or will be coming to the UK to exercise their ‘Treaty rights’.

  • UK Residence Card

A residence card is issued to non-EEA national family members and extended family members of an EEA national who are in the UK exercising their treaty rights. The family will have to evidence their relationship the EEA national and also evidence that the EEA national is exercising their treaty rights through working, self- employment, studying or being self-sufficient.

  • Registration Certificate

A registration certificate is issued to an EEA national who is in the UK exercising their treaty rights as a worker, student, self-employed or self-sufficient. EEA national must have been exercising their treaty rights for at least 3 months before applying for a Registration certificate.

  • Permanent Residence Card

Permanent residence cards are issued to EEA and non-EEA nationals who have resided in the UK for at least 5 years in accordance with the EEA Regulations. As an EEA national you must evidence that you have been exercising ‘Treaty rights’ for the entire 5 years being resident in the UK.

  • Pre-Settled and Settled Status

If you’re an EU national, you and your family will be able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme from March 2019. This will allow you to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. If your application is successful, you will be granted either settled or pre-settled status.

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