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Looking to settle in the UK? If you have been in the UK legally for ten years you can apply to settle. Settling – also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain means you can stay in the UK without any time restrictions.

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Long Residence Visa – Eligibility

You are eligible to settle if you:

  • Have been continuously living in the UK for 10 years

Note that during your continuous residence period you can leave the UK for up to:

  • 180 days at a time
  • 540 days throughout the whole period

Note that you can’t count:

  • time spent in a prison, secure hospital or a young offender’s institution
  • time spent in the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Adhered the terms of your UK visa.
  • Passed the ‘Life in the UK’ test;
  • Prove that your level of English meets the requirements;

Note that those applicants under 18 or over 65 years of age are not obliged to pass Life in the UK test or prove that they have a sufficient level of English.

When to apply for a Long Residence Visa?

You must apply before the end of your permitted stay in the UK.
The qualifying period when applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain is counted either from:

  • The date you on which you arrived in the UK on a visa
  • The date on which you were first accorded approval to remain in the UK.


You cannot include your dependants in your application, they must apply separately if they meet the eligibility requirements.

If your children are over 18 and do not meet the eligibility requirements they may have to leave the UK.

Long Residence Visa Fees

The fee for this type of application currently stands at £2,389.

If you’re applying to settle you can pay an extra £800 for the super priority service. You’ll get a decision:

  • by the end of the next working day after providing your biometric information if your appointment is on a weekday;
  • 2 working days after providing your biometric information if your appointment is at the weekend.

How long is the processing period for a Long Residence Visa?

Expect an answer within six months. If your application is complex and it is taking longer than six months you will be informed by the UKVI.

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