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Eligibility Requirements for Visitor Visa

Visit Visas are provided to individuals who do not plan to make the UK their home. These individuals should be to visiting the UK for a short term to do certain permitted activities. In order to satisfy the conditions for the visa route the visitor:

  • Is destined to leave the UK after their visit; and
  • Will retreat from the UK by the end of their visit; and
  • Will not reside in the UK for prolonged periods by means of repeated or consecutive visits, or make the UK their primary home; and
  • Will not engage in any forbidden activities e.g. work; and
  • Must have appropriate collateral to encompass all reasonable costs in respect to their visit without having to work or to access public funds.

Note that citizens of some countries don’t need a Visit Visa, make sure you check if you need a Visitor Visa, based on your nationality.

The ensuing is non exhaustive list of authorized activities that a visitor can engage in, but there are many more:

  • Undergoing private medical treatment (special requirements apply)
  • Organ donation (special requirements apply)
  • Marriage or civil partnership (special requirements apply)
  • Transit (special requirements apply)
  • Volunteering
  • Business related activities

You will need the ensuing documents to apply for a UK Visitor Visa:

  • Proof that you can afford the trip, whether it is paid for you or by you.
  • Proof that you have a genuine relationship

Note that the Standard Visitor Visa has replaced the following visa categories:

  • General Visitor Visa
  • Family Visitor Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Sports Visitor Visa
  • Entertainer Visitor Visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur Visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visa

Best Immigration Lawyers London – How can we help with your UK Visitor Visa?

At Master Legal Services we have extensive experience in processing and organising Visitor Visa applications. For those clients looking for a fast and efficient service, Our same-day Visa service will evaluate and prepare your application as well as organizing an appointment with the Home Office Enquiry Office. Now that the UK landing cards are scrapped, you can expect a smooth journey to the UK.