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Are you based in the East London area and looking for immigration advice? The East side of London is known for its eclectic mix of cultures where residents from all the world now call home. The team at Master Legal Services have helped many of these residents call UK their permanent homes. Our affordable UK immigration lawyers East London can assist with your immigration-related query.

Our team of UK immigration lawyers is experienced in all aspects of UK immigration. What’s more, we are a City-based immigration law firm in London, which means we are easily accessible to most areas in London. As we have been authorised and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (‘OISC’), rest assured we offer only the best immigration service. Our expert team of cheap immigration lawyers London will always ensure that you are well looked after and will provide only the best advice for your individual circumstance. 

For an affordable service and for free immigration advice in East London, feel free to contact our office to speak to an expert on 020 8935 5205 or via Whatsapp on 07710987064. Our UK immigration lawyers offer immigration services to both businesses and individuals, based inside and outside the UK.

Experienced Immigration Advice Service London

Our main objectives here ay Master Legal Services is to only the most accurate advice, and assistance on all aspects of UK  immigration for our clients. Below are a few details of what we cover.

Our Business Immigration Services (1)

Are you a business visionary with funds to invest into a UK based business? If that sounds like you, you will be needing a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. Our Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Lawyers London service is here to make getting started way easier.

Graduates with outstanding business skills and ideas which can be developed and put into practice in the UK are whom the Graduate Entrepreneur visa was primarily designed for. Our Tier 1 Visa Lawyers London are here to help with the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa application process.

Not quite done with your business in the UK and need to stay longer? Not to worry, our Tier 1 Investor Visa Lawyers London are here to assist you secure a Tier visa extension.

Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)

Are you talented in the fields of science, engineering, art or digital technologies and would rather live in the UK? Schedule a meet with our professional immigration lawyers London to determine your eligibility.

Have you landed a job offer in the UK with a Certificate of Sponsorship to boot? With our Tier 2 Visa Lawyers London handling your brief, you will be in the UK and behind your desk in no time.

Has your relocation to the UK subdivision of your company finally panned out? If yes, Master Legal Services Tier 2 Visa Lawyers London are your best bet to work out the required documents and visa application.

Enlist the support of our expert immigration lawyers in London in hiring a non-EEA national or a national of Switzerland to be a part of your business.

Are you a Turk looking to set up or run a new business in the UK? Contact us to assist with the visa application process to meet requirements for Turkish business persons.

Are you a representative of an overseas company setting up a branch in the UK, Master Legal Services can help with application processing.

Our Tier 4 Visa Lawyers London are here to help non-EU citizens who wish to study in the UK with expert immigration advice.

  • Tier 5 (Temporary Worker)

Did you know that with as little as £945 in savings and a Certificate of Sponsorship Reference number, you are set to apply for a Tier 5 (Temporary Worker – International Agreement) visa? Simply contact our Tier 5 Temporary Worker Visa lawyers London for assistance.

Are you a Commonwealth citizen interested in a UK Ancestry visa? Not sure if you are eligible? That’s where our UK Immigration Lawyers come in.

Our Personal Immigration Services

Would you like to vacation briefly in the UK and finally get some sightseeing done? Our UK Immigration Lawyers London will advise you on the right visa.

Finally ready for your civil unmarried partner to join you in the UK? Our UK Citizenship Lawyers London are here to help to help you determine your eligibility and meet required conditions for this visa type.

Are you a non-EEA citizen wishing to join your fiancé(e) in the UK? Is your partner an established UK citizen? If you have answered yes to both questions, a meet with our UK Citizenship Lawyers London can help determine if you require this visa type.

If you have been in the UK legally for ten years, it’s time to consider settling. Our UK Citizenship Lawyers London can help determine if you qualify for this visa type that would allow you remain within the UK minus time restrictions.

Are you a non EU citizen living in the UK with a settled status? You just might qualify for British citizenship. Reach out to our UK Naturalisation Lawyers London for assistance in acquiring a British passport.

Our Brexit & EU Immigration Lawyer London Services

With Brexit looming, it is only a matter of time till EEA citizens living in the UK will have to determine their official status and apply for settled or pre-settled status. Contact Master Legal Services for expert advice and support regarding EEA Family Permits, EEA Permanent Residence Cards, EEA Registration Certificates.

See further information about each service below:

If you are an immediate or extended family member of an EEA national and the said national is in the UK exercising their ‘Treaty rights’ or will be coming to the UK to exercise their ‘Treaty rights’, you can take advantage of this entry clearance visa. Speak with our Brexit Lawyers London for professional support in applying for this visa.

Non-EEA national family members and extended family members of an EEA national who are in the UK exercising their treaty rights have a residence card issued to them. Master Legal’s Brexit Lawyers London are available to assist with evidence collation of your relationship with the EEA national as part of your application.

  • Registration Certificate

Are you an EEA national who is in the UK currently exercising your treaty rights? You just might be eligible for a registration certificate. Contact our EU Immigration Lawyers London for expert evaluation of your application to ascertain eligibility.

Permanent residence cards are issued to EEA and non-EEA nationals who have resided in the UK for at least 5 years in accordance with the EEA Regulations. Our EU Immigration Lawyers London can help with the paperwork and required application processing for same.

As an EU national, you and your family are eligible to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme from March 2019 allowing you to continue living in the UK beyond 30 June 2021. Our UK Immigration Lawyers London can help with your application towards a successful granting of either a settled or pre-settled status.

Feedback From Our Clients & UK Immigration Lawyers Reviews

We provide a tailored approach to each individual client and exceptional standards of service.

Our focus is on the clients’ needs and making the immigration process easy and affordable to clients. As a result, we have received great feedback from our clients, and most importantly, great outcomes!

Immigration Lawyers East London – Why Choose Master Legal Services?

High Success RateOur team is dedicated to providing excellent services to each client.
Affordable  Fixed FeeWe offer one of the most competitive fees in London.
Practical Meeting SolutionsIn order to meet the needs of clients with busy lifestyles, we offer alternative practical meeting solutions: telephone, email, Whatsapp, and online Skype consultations
Conveniently LocatedOur office is very conveniently located in the City of London with a walking distance from both underground and overground stations (Bank, Monument, Aldgate, Tower Hill Station)
Language SolutionsWe have a multi-lingual team, which includes Russian, Farsi, Dari, Turkish languages.
Quality of ServiceWe provide expert advice and our work is at an exceptionally high standard. This is reflected in our high success rates and our satisfied clients.
Free Initial AssessmentContact our office to get a free initial assessment of your circumstances.
Document Checking ServiceTo ensure that your application is sent with ALL the correct and appropriate evidence, we provide an excellent document checking service.
OISC AccreditedWe are authorised and regulated by the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner (‘OISC’).

Which East London Areas Do Our Immigration Lawyers Operate?

Our services are available for those that are outside and inside the UK. If you are based in East London, be Stratford, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge, Havering, or Hackney, we are here to help.

Master Legal Services offers affordable immigration advice service in London. We have extensive experience in processing all kinds of visa applications. Rest assured that we can cater our services to your affordability. Our dedicated team has helped applicants from all walks of life in both the UK and abroad to obtain their visas by providing excellent advice and immigration services.

How Our Immigration Lawyers in East London can help you

Wherever you are either in the UK or outside it, our immigration services are readily available for you. Dealing with experts with extensive experience in processing all kinds of visa applications often comes at a steep price. We also offer a free immigration advice online chat service. Many of our clients who have time and again obtained visas would attest to the ease of our service.

The Best Immigration Lawyers London

A recommendation of the right application for you comes only after a detailed assessment of your specific circumstance. At Master Legal Services, we do not believe in trial and error. We always provide a list of the required documentary evidence to be submitted for a successful application.

Contact our office to speak to an expert today:

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UK Immigration Lawyers Fees

We offer one of the most competitive fees for UK visa and immigration services in London with excellent quality of standards. Our consultation fee is currently between 65 – 125 GBP. However, if you subsequently proceed with your immigration matter, we deduct the consultation fee from our total costs.