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Want to apply for a UK Residence card? A residence card is issued to non-EEA national family members and extended family members of an EEA national who are in the UK exercising their treaty rights.

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UK Residence Card Application – Eligibility

The family will have to evidence their relationship the EEA national and also evidence that the EEA national is exercising their treaty rights through working, self- employment, studying or being self-sufficient.

UK Residence Card Application – Who are the family members and extended family members

Family members are considered to be spouses, civil partners, children or grandchildren under 21, or dependent parent or grandparent.

An extended family members is considered to include: unmarried partners in a similar situation to civil partnership or marriage, or a relative who is not mentioned above. This therefore includes siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

UK Residence Card Application – How long is the Residence Card valid

A residence card is valid for 5 years, after which the family member can apply for permanent residence in the UK. If an EEA national is thinking to settle in the UK at a later stage, it the residence card would be a good way to prove length of residence in the UK.

Please contact our office to discuss your Residence Card as there are recent changes which may impact your application.

UK Residence Card Application – Making an application

The qualified  EEA national can include you in their application if they apply online for permanent residence.

Otherwise, you will be required to make an application using one of the following paper application forms:

  • application for a direct family member: form EEA (FM)
  • application for an extended family member: form EEA (EFM)

UK Residence Card Application – Fee for Residence Card

The current fee for this card is £65.00. There is also a charge when providing your biometric information at the post office, i.e. your fingerprints, which is currently £19.20.